SSP for Publishers

Amorads deals with direct advertisers and multiple DSPs with RTB programmatic technology to maximize the profitability of your advertising zones.

We offer ad formats that success every need. Our ads are optimized for desktop and mobile devices, for all screen sizes with several different integration systems.

We know that payment terms are important for publishers for provide for their needs, you will automatically receive your payment weekly via the payment processor of your choice. Say goodbye to NET-15, NET-30 or sometimes NET-60 payment terms.

  • Why choose our SSP for a longterm partnership ?
  • Display, pop-up, native and video advertising formats.
  • Direct URLs, Javascript tags, XML/JSON Feeds and OpenRTB available.
  • CPM, CPC, CPI, CPL, CPA, Revshare pricing models.
  • Price control with a floor price system by ad zone.
  • Accurate and detailed statistics system with real time overview.
  • Algorithmic and manual advertising optimization.
  • Weekly payments processed automatically every Monday.
  • Devoted account managers available 24/7.

Our Process

Step 1


Get started by register with all required informations. Don't forget to add your phone number or you skype ID to be contacted in case of problem.

Step 2


Your account is under verification by a teammate. Once is approved, you will receive an email confirmation and you will can acceed to your SSP.

Step 3


Sign in to your SSP with your credentials, add your websites and create your ad zones to get AD Tags or endpoints.

Step 4


Once everything is good, you can integrate your AD Tags to your web pages or request your endpoints, and start to make revenues !