Privacy Policy

Contact us if you want to know who we share your personal data with.
We are always happy to answer any questions you may have.

Our site uses Cookies, and may use other tracking devices to save your information for later use. This information may be what was freely given, or found automatically using a collection device. Personal data is required for our applications to work properly. You, as the user, control any third party content you share; we, as the owner, have no control or responsibility towards this type of content.

Our data controller is safe and secure; we never allow anyone unauthorized access to your information. We also do not allow anyone to destroy any of your data, unless you authorize it. No modifications or disclosures can be completed without your authorization. You agree that there may be times your data will need to be see by other people who help run the website: administration, legal, marketing, sales and/or system administration. External parties such as communications agencies, hosting providers, IT companies, mail carriers and other third pary technical service providers may also need to access your data. A list of all parties involved may be requested by the user.

All data is processed in the operating offices of the data controller or in the offices of any of the other parties involved with the operation of this website. For more information of who and where, contact the data controller.

We hold all your information for as long as it is needed to provide you with the service you requested. Any, and all, information can be removed at any time by the user.

You may face legal troubles if you improperly use our applications or any related services. Our data controller has the legal obligation to turn over any content needed by public authorities, and that which may be used in court hearings.

To assure proper maintenance and operating of this website, we, or other third parties, may collect content stored on the system logs by user.

Any time you need access to any particular service or the 'who and where' of collecting and processing, feel free to ask and we will be happy to send you updated lists.

Users can have access to their personal data at all times. They have the right to know where and when it was stored. Users can ask for content to be corrected, updated, supplemented, moved or cancelled. Users shall not post content that is in violation of any laws. Content that user is unsure of should be discussed with owners before being posted. We do not honor requests for 'Do Not Track'. Users need to read third party privacy policies to see if these sites do.

The data controller may make changes to this privacy policy as it is needed. We highly recommend that you check back often to see if any changes have been made. User need to check the last modification date. Any time you disagree with our policy changes, you are free to stop using our application. Simply ask us to clear your personal date and we will do so. If you have no problems with current policy, then your service continues on with these changes. The data controller holds all responsibility for private policy changes.