Frequently Asked Questions

When you register we will check your website's Alexa Rank. If you are under 50,000 for one country, or under 100,000 worldwide then you can run your ads with our content.
Developers - we allow all your mobile apps without restrictions.

Yes you can. However, you can only have 5 banners per page.

All publishers are paid weekly. Minimum withdrawal is $50.

That is still something we are working on. Your account manager is always available to help you.

We do allow third party tags if you tell us why you need to use them. You will also need to give us contact information from where the tags came from.

Yes, you can put Amorads on your page or let us do the S2S tracking.

Everyone starts on prepayment. After a few months of working together, we may allow post-payments. We do offer you a nice bonus when you start your first campaign.