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About us

Mexican advertising agency for advertisers & publishers.

Amorads is a online advertising network specialized in digital marketing for Mexican advertisers and publishers. Our team of experts in digital marketing is at your service for help your company to achieve the best results on your digital marketing campaigns and maximize the yield of your advertising placements.

Our mission is to support you in your marketing management and provide you all technical services to reach your objectives. That's why our agency allow you to use our attractive service platform in order to to better manage your advertising offers and your advetising placement with a multitude of powerful tools and give you access to all relevant inventory and data sources.

We deals with direct advertisers & publishers selected according to strict and specific criteria to privilege the quality to the quantity, and also with and also with the advetising market leaders in a programmatic and fully transparent way maximize the reach of your advertising business.

What we do
DSP for Advertisers

Our media-buying platform is based on programmatic technology allowing you to manage all your advertising campaigns accurately and automatically.

A whole range of tools of management is offered to you in addition to a dedicated team to accompany you daily in the management of your advertising offers.


What we do
SSP for Publishers

Our media-selling platform is also based on programmatic technology to maximize the profitability or your advertising zones by optimizing automatically the rotation of advertisements according to your criterias defined upstream.


Our full stack AD Platform

Take advantage of all tools available on our full stack ad platform and of our powerful proprietary AD Server.
OpenRTB, XML / JSON feeds, Video advertising, POP, native ads, classic display and more...

Our Experience, Skills & Expertize for your profit.

Advanced Service
Dedicated Managers

You don't have the time to manage and optimize your advertising campaigns or the profitability of your websites ? Our team of marketing experts can take care of all your marketing part !

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