DSP for Advertisers


We deliver your brand and campaign goals through our proprietary performance-based technology, highly specialized teams and scalable global media outreach.

Our platform is 100% self-serve but you can opt for full management by an account manager dedicated who will take care of all the technical aspects of the platform for you.

Amorads deals with direct publishers and multiple SSPs with RTB programmatic technology to give the widest reach to your advertising campaigns. You simply have to define the targeting criteria as well as several other optional configuration parameters and And define on which pricing model do you want to work to start achieving your goals !

  • Why choose our DSP for a longterm partnership ?
  • Display, pop-up, native and video advertising formats.
  • CPM, CPC, CPI, CPL, CPA, Revshare pricing models.
  • Geo targeting system covers more than 250 countries.
  • Browser targeting system for include or exclude specific browsers.
  • OS targeting system for include or exclude more than 50 operating systems.
  • Carrier targeting covers more than 75.000 internet service provider.
  • Source filters for specify traffic sources to block or allow on ad campaigns.
  • Budget control with daily and hourly limitation by campaigns.
  • Accurate and detailed statistics system with real time overview.
  • Algorithmic and manual advertising optimization.
  • Automatic and manual detection of fraud technique.
  • Devoted account managers available 24/7.

Our Process

Step 1


Get started by register with all required informations. Don't forget to add your phone number or you skype ID to be contacted in case of problem.

Step 2


Your account is under verification by a teammate. Once is approved, you will receive an email confirmation and you will can acceed to your DSP.

Step 3


Sign in to your DSP with your credentials and create your offers and your advertising campaigns with creatives and landing pages.

Step 4


Once everything is good, you can make a first deposit to your account, and launch you advertising campaigns !